Disassemble Lifting and Transport Service

All the deck will be removed for the fixed platform. Floating platform will be dragged to or nearby the seacoast.

  • Service Brief

    All the deck will be removed for the fixed platform. Floating platform will be dragged to or nearby the seacoast, the equipment which influence the centrobaric of the platform will be removed to the cargo barge before the deck removal. The deck will be separate to smaller parts, which will only need smaller HLV.

    If the HLV and the cargo barge are able to stand the whole jacket size and weight, the jacket will be lifted on the cargo barge entirely, and move to the disassemble factory. If not, the jacket will be separated into several smaller parts, and lifted several times. This operation can be finished on site or on the consigning.

    Platform deck and modules will be moved to scrap dock with a barge, and lifted into the scrap dock, all the modules will be cut into small parts, and treated as the waste.

  • Equipment Capability

    Jereh offshore and our partners own large-scale workboat, transportation barge and auxiliary workboat, will meet the request of platform decommissioning.

    Main workboat : 600 tons lifting capacity construction main ship as module hoisting, discharge main workboat, and 8000~10000H towboat.

    Auxiliary workboat: The 350T fully rotary engineering vessel acts as a two-platform field support vessel, The main tasks are prefabrication of lifting points, disposal of sea pipes, removal of torches, mud cutting of catheters and subsequent ditching.

    Barge: 15,000-ton transport barge and 4000HP supporting tug.

  • Technical Capability

    Jereh offshore and our partners can provide integrated hoisting and transportation solutions and technical services for the upper blocks, jacket, submarine pipelines and structures in the process of platform disposal and block disposal.

  • Service Performance

    Jerry Marine and our strategic partner have completed the hoisting and transportation of the upper block, jacket, torch arm, etc., and accumulated rich on-site hoisting and transportation experience.