Offshore Services

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In accordance with international conventions and relevant domestic regulations, offshore platforms must be decommissioned or dismantled within one year of the cessation of offshore oil and gas operations, if no other use or reasonable reason exists. We provide technical services for offshore platform decommissioning projects, providing optimized design solutions, tooling products and on-site construction technical services for complex platform conditions and process requirements. The main service scope includes P&A service, upper block cutting and recovery service, jacket cutting and recovery service, sea pipe and cable recovery, towing and transportation service, land disassembly service, etc.

Platform which is a huge engineering department, work collaboration, a wider range of equipment involved, and the demand for some innovative technology, and Jereh Offshore engineering with its 20 years of experience in research and development of equipment manufacturing, minimize disposal costs, minimizing costs and debt capital or oilfield owner according to the engineering services for the optimal solution.